Prize Of Tolerance

A major project of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts concerns “Tolerance”. The Academy has been awarding the Prize of Tolerance since 1997 to individuals or institutes who are committed to tolerance, humanity, interdisciplinary and transnational dialogue as well as anti-racism. In 2015 the Academy awarded the Prize to the International Olympic Comité for their promotion of tolerance by uniting different nations and cultures.

„The annual Prize of Tolerance has the function of contributing to the awareness in society as well as promoting a tolerant and peaceful coexistence of humans and cultures. A glance at the world shows the significance of practicing tolerance on a daily basis.”

President of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Felix Unger

Laureates 1997-2015

1997 – Teddy Kollek †, Jerusalem

1998 – Suzanne Mubarak, Cairo

1999 – Franz Cardinal König †, Vienna

2000 – International Red Cross and Red Crescent, Geneva

2002 – Dorothea Rosenblad, Stockholm

2003 – Djibrail Kassab, Basra

2005 – Giandomenico Picco, New York

2006 – Hans-Dietrich Genscher †, Bonn

2007 – Flavio Cotti, Brione sopra Minusio

2008 – Eugen Biser †, Munich

2009 – Klaus Töpfer, Höxter

2010 – Karl Cardinal Lehmann, Mainz

2011 – Daniel Barenboim, Buenos Aires

2013 – Fr. Pedro Opeka, Antananarivo

2015 – International Olympic Committee, Lausanne

2016 – Roland Riz, Bozen