Festive Plenary Session 2018

F.l.t.r.: Josef Schöchl (President Salzburger Landtag), Brigitte Tag (Vice President EASA), Karoline Edtstadler (Austrian Secretary of State), Felix Unger (President EASA); Foto: wildbild, Herbert Rohrer

On March 3rd we celebrated our 28th Festive Plenary Session.
The festivities started with a symposium on Digitalisation on 2nd March, and the traditional evening reception at the Salzburg Residence.

After the welcome addresses of President Felix Unger and President of the Salzburger Landtag Josef Schöchl on March 3rd, our new members were inaugurated. Among the 350 guests, we also welcomed the Austrian State Secretary Karoline Edtstadler.
The Festive Speech was delivered by Johannes Huber on the topic “The epigenetic evolution of homo sapiens”.

We would like to thank Katrin Klose (Violin), Polina Yatsenko (Soprano), Andreas Bäuml (Piano) for their outstanding musical performance.

The next Festive Plenary Session takes place on March 2nd, 2019.

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