How to become a member

Application and Nomination Process
The procedure foresees that a nomination proposal for a new member can only be submitted by a member of the Academy in written form. It is usually not possible for individuals to apply directly for membership, i.e. to nominate themselves.
A nomination form with the personal data of the nominee has to be signed by the nominator. Together with the CV, a list of publications and a photo, this form has to be sent to the Academy (via electronic or postal mail). These documents will be reviewed by the delegate of the respective country and the dean of the respective class, who will decide on approval or disapproval.
In the senate’s meeting, which takes place at least once a year, the senate takes the final decision whether the nominee is approved or disapproved.
If the nominee is elected as new member, he/she will be officially informed by the Academy.
The inauguration ceremony always takes place on the first weekend in March.