Symposium: New Directions in Natural Sciences: Complexity, Machine Learning and Algorithms

Date: 06.03.2020

The main purpose of this meeting is the gathering of the EASA class "Natural Sciences" in order to foster scientific contacts among its members, to discuss essential past achievements in the areas it comprises (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology etc.), and to look into important as well as promising future issues. This time the latter predominantly focus on machine learning and algorithms not only with regard to big data but also relating to methods to treat problems of complexity in natural sciences.

Scientific organisers:
Prof. Dr. Klaus Mainzer (Dean Class IV "Natural Sciences" of EASA)
Prof. Dr. Willibald Plessas (University of Graz)
Prof. Dr. Marko Robnik (University of Maribor)

Venue to be announced.

The programme will be published soon.

Place: Salzburg

Time: 08.30h - 17.30h

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